Full Gas Driving School sees your success as our general goal.  We are sure that driver’s license is one of the most important documents which may change your life style.

From our experience, driver’s test may be not such a pleasant procedure. This is why it is so important to choose experienced driving instructor .We, in Full Gas Driving School, make this experience pleasant and safe. Our certified driving instructors have relevant skills and individual approach.

In addition, we have developed an individual training program which increases the students’ confidence and their theoretical and practice knowledge. In reaching our main goal we based our daily progression on three fundamental things.

1. Our instructors are aware that every student may experience stress and various difficulties during sitting for the test. Full Gas experienced instructors provide students with relevant support and guidelines and match individual abilities and needs. We believe that mental and physical support is a required component in reaching our main goals.

2. Full Gas Driving School knows exactly how to encourage our students during studying period and especially during driving exams. Almost everyone feels stressed before the test. The pressure and possibility of failure make people feel nervous. While studying with our driving instructors our students receive unlimited encouragement and required support.

3. Over the years we have learned that every student needs an individual approach.  Each one of us has different capabilities and our driving instructors have an ability to find a correct attitude during driving lessons with our students. In order to be maximum effective, our instructors demonstrate a lot of patience and attention to our students’ skills. They stay aware of student’s weak points during the studying and concentrate to strengthen them.


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