Full Gas driving school believes that our clients  deserve best service and high quality driving education period.
Our company provides the following services to our clients:

 -  Study and preparation for  G1 theory exam.

 -  Study and preparation for  G2 practical exam.

 -  Study and preparation for  G practical exam. (G test -easy version).

 -  Supplying of G1 theory hand books.
 -  Easy and quick method to learn all possible parking types.

 -  Guidelines  to new immigrants in driving license confirmation or retesting.
 -  Defensive driving courses and certificates .

 -  Support and encouragement in overcoming stress and fear from driving for new  drivers and  students.

 -  Assistance and personal approach to students with special needs.

 -  Driving skills enhancement for already certified and licensed drivers .

 -  Study and preparation for winter driving.

 -  Safety driving training for teenagers just before they get driving license.


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